MTG Pauper Team World Cup unveils

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Article by Jonathan Quarantiello

Ladies and gentleman, here we are…2019 has been a great year so far for fellow pauper enthusiasts, and the future will not change this trend!

In last years, as everybody knows, pauper evolved from a niche and less known format to a well-recognized one, gathering more and more attentions both from the community and Wizards itself.

Let’s have a look on how the pauper has grown and it’s continuously growing in recent times, with special attention to the Italian scene:

Following the trend, the goal is to go on and continue increasing the format popularity, so it’s time to drop the bomb…


The Italian Pauper League proudly announces the first ever MTG Pauper Team World Cup

 You may wonder how it is possible to imagine such kind of tournament outside of a Magic Fest or a Mythic Championship… well, let’s go on and unveil all the details!

  • MTG Pauper Team World Cup goals
  • Participation requirements
  • Tournament Rules
  • Tournament information
  • Extras


MTG Pauper Team World Cup goals

The MTG Pauper Team World Cup has been created to make the pauper community more international and to encourage its growth.


Participation Requirements

Each pauper league subscribed to Italian Pauper League (LPI) is able to elect one and only one team of 3 players (plus 2 reserves in case of last minute forfeits). The league will be able to decide how to elect team members, the only condition is that the player must have participated at the same league.

The deadline for team choices is 15 days before the tournament, and must be communicated at LPI by the league organizer.

Each team member will have to answer to a short interview before or after the tournament.

Interested in joining the LPI circuit? Contact “Lega Pauper Italia” page on Facebook to discover how to join us!


Team World Cup Rules

The team World Cup will be hosted during the Paupergeddon tournament, with a parallel side-classification, where every team scores points as the sum of the Swiss points of its members.

Team members must be clearly identifiable during the whole tournament (you can use a shirt, a badge, a sticker… up to you).

The team with the highest score at the end of the Swiss rounds will win the world cup, gaining prizes and eternal glory by being inscribed in the Honor Album of the MTG Pauper Team World Cup winners!

In case of score draw, the lowest score of the 3 team members will be subtracted from the total, and the new score will be applied. If there is a draw again, the rank position of the best player of the tied teams will be checked.

By winning the competition, the team will also win the prestigious WORLD CUP trophy!


Tournament Information

The MTG Pauper Team World Cup will happen the 16th of February 2020, during the Paupergeddon in Milan, at the Novotel Hotel.



Are you ready to see some anticipations about the team world cup trophy?

Imagine surviving to an huge Armageddon, and wandering in the woods looking for resources… suddenly, hidden in the rampaging nature, you find a precious ancient relic, a remain of the lost civilization, a powerful artifact which gives you the power of casting iconic spells directly from your hands! Well, competing in the Team World Cup it’s a journey to discovery, a quest to gain and unleash the absolute power of this marvelous trophy!

Now that the trophy has been revealed to the wanderers in search of eternal glory, preserve your thirst of glory for the moment when the trophy will be won!

Big thanks to FANTASIA, which sponsored the realization of the cup. You can find them at! Moreover, using the promo code PAUPERGEDDON2020, you will get a 5% discount on your purchases* *(valid until 31/12/2020 and only for products that are not in promotion already).


After all these exciting details, it’s time to present the Italian Pauper League. It groups many Italian local pauper leagues plus Europeans and even American leagues! Each single league keepsits autonomous management, but everything it’s coordinated by the Italian League, which also organizes big events. As today, more than 20 pauper leagues all over the world have joined the Italian Pauper League, such as:

LPT (Tuscany Pauper League, the first ever in Italy) 🇮🇹

LPM (Milan Pauper League) 🇮🇹

Rhones-Alpes Pauper League 🇫🇷

Moscow Pauper League 🇷🇺

Catalonia Pauper League 🇪🇸

Amsterdam Pauper League 🇳🇱

Santiago de Chile Pauper League 🇨🇱


Moreover, Italian Pauper League organizes big events with regular scheduling, for example Paupergeddon, the biggest independent pauper tournament circuit in the world; it’s scheduled three times per year in Milan, Pisa and Rome, and each time it counts around 200 players. The Italian Pauper Tour series includes also many more events all around Italy, from Pauper War to Pauper Love (a charity event where all the incomes go for charity). Last but not least, each June there is an invitational tournament to elect the Pauper Player of the Year based on single player results!

So, gather your forces, team up and come to compete for the most prestigious pauper trophy ever created! See you in Milan!

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